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Growing Pains

february 15, 2014

Hey everyone! Pie and I have to take this week (2/14) off. We've been struggling a lot with trying to be timely while still pushing boundaries to make the best comics we can; we were hoping that working behind the scenes through the holiday break (Christmas and New Years) would have been enough, but sadly it was not.

You might think that after working on the comic for so long, things like our process and schedule would be all figured out, but it's still a giant work in progress. Even comics we are especially proud of, like Day of the Dead, ended up coming from a week of frustration in having "descent" scripts but none that were good enough to warrant devoting 3 days into producing. Then suddenly on the Thursday morning before the comic was due while we were struggling to figure out what comic to settle with, Pie and I were reading some random Kotaku article comments that spawned the idea for that comic and off we went!

Pie and I have been trying to find the line between being timely and consistent in producing the best work we can. We certainly feel that the longer we go on, the more into a groove we get and the more enthusiastic we become. Life in Aggro has always been a constant push for us to improve and experiment; tweaking colors, line work, writing, panel layout, framing, page length, timing, animation and all that stuff we do to switch things up to grow and keep our fires stoked. I'd like to think that it's the fact that we do these things that you all enjoy our lovingly hand crafted comics!

Sometimes in this constant process of experimentation though things can backfire, blowing up in a wonderfully gooey mess of honey. This week just so happens to be one such time and our faces are covered in it!

As always, thanks so much for bearing with our seemingly never ending growing pains. As a small consolation, here is the latest commission Pie and I completed near Christmas!

Click for large.

See you next week!