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Goof Mobile

september 4, 2016

Though we've resubbed for World of Warcraft and have been having a blast playing it, Final Fantasy 14 has still been on my mind a lot lately. ^^ You can't really compare one to the other; they're both really awesome in different ways. I've really been wanting to wait until maybe a couple months before the next expansion hits before going back to FF14, but with the seasonal events that are currently going on in-game, I can't help but to want to jump in early.

A month ago, Final Fantasy 14 had an event in which old subscribers could log into the game for free for a few days and it just so happened that there was also a Yokai Watch cross promotion event in which you can collect ghosts and special weapons, and a super hero event where you can collect "power ranger" poses. XD It was like all three moons or planets aligned on FF14 for Cecilia and Me to go back.+_+ It was really great hopping on our old characters and seeing and chatting with our old guild mates. It was very nostalgic and I miss hanging out with friends (even though I admit that I actually spent a lot of time collecting things. @_@) It really reminded me of some of the things that I really love about the game like town environments, the crafting system, and using a controller to play an MMO to name a few.~

I keep having a tennis match struggle going on in my head about going back to FF14 because we just renewed our WoW subscription and I don't want to be pulled in both directions out of obligation to get my money's worth of subscription time.

As we mentioned last week, WoW: Warlords of Dreanor really surprised us and because of what we played of it, I'm actually pretty excited about the Legion expansion, even though I only know tidbits about it; I guess Dreanor just kinda renewed my faith. XD I've found myself hopping on to one of my lower level characters and doing zone quest lines. The combat at my level are oh-so-painfully easy, thank goodness you're free to change between the three class specializations to switch things up or try something new once in a while; I even stopped upgrading my gear just so the enemies would hit me harder. @_@ Even though it's easy, the presentation can be really awe-inspiring; the world is HUGE and beautiful, and I really enjoy most of the zone storylines since the Cataclysm expansion.~ I'm actually looking forward to covering some of the lower level content, Though Cecilia and I played WoW for long periods of time in the past, there is still so much we've never even touched! I just hope that the difficulty doesn't stay as it is for me for most of the way. >.<

As awesome as WoW's world and lore is though, I can't help but to want to play FF14 for my character progression and to continue "her story." I like how your character feels well integrated into the world and story and that they kinda come alive with their changing expressions and their interactions in the cinematics. XD Some of the enemies on the world can actually really have some grit too. =3 It's also really fun playing the game with a controller. I really suggest those who use the traditional keyboard and mouse combo control scheme to at least TRY a controller; it makes so much difference, it's surprising, and maybe enlightening? XD

Thinking about going back to FF14, though I'd be excited to finish up some event stuff and do side story quests, I'm really hungering for a wonderous and awe-inspiring world, and I don't think it can even compare to what WoW has; I mean it's great for what it is, considering that it's still a relatively new MMO. =o I actually really liked A Realm Reborn's world maps and their design. =D

Anyway, I'm sure one day I'll go back to FF14, maybe sooner than I think. XD

For those who are wondering, for this week's comic, Pie's wearing the tank armor set designed by OnionHolic in a semi recent FF14 tank armor design contest. I was so disappointed to see that this design didn't win first place (thus will not be in game @_@) I was getting pretty excited at the idea of going back to get this in-game! D:

Goof Mobile

september 4, 2016

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