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League of Legends

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Re: League of Legends

Postby Pie » Tue Dec 03, 2013 11:49 am

Hi GOTL and welcome to the forums! =D Thanks so much for that little favor! XD I'm surprised and happy that you decided to join our little community.

I really wish LoL had more maps, maybe even a map and game creation engine like what Blizzard has for Starcraft and Warcraft3. It'd be a great breath of fresh air to see at least a different themed map other than "forest"; maybe something like the setting they used for the Jinx music video. There can be skins for maps that retain the traditional layout for Hardcore players who play the game as a sport and various other maps that kinda act like dungeon runs for those who want an arcade-like/dungeon progression run. I love the game customization idea Blizzard had for Starcraft and Warcraft3, people did a lot of interesting and creative things.
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Re: League of Legends

Postby GOTL » Tue Dec 03, 2013 4:56 pm

Actually to me, League of Legends right now is lacking in term of serious game mode (which will be fix with Team Builder mode) or fun game mode, which had been fixed by the implementation of ARAM in the new Howling Abyss map (the old map was quite generic tbh) and the upcoming One for All.
As in custom maps, it's nice to have it, but the problem is that Riot is using F2P model, which easily gets in the way of customization and modding. In StarCraft and Warcraft 3, both were bought with an editor.
I mean, right now, with only several maps, LoL community is chaotic as hell. Imagine you have the ability to choose/make everything, I'm not sure if they can even control what is going on with their business model anymore, since the community (full of kids, ragers, flamers and leavers) will just explode.
Sure it's nice to have it, but LoL does not have a beatiful (not quite sure, most of people I met were super positive anyway) community like those two mentioned game.
Whaddaya think of the comic? It's lovely, isn't it?
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