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Aura Kingdom

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Aura Kingdom

Postby Bear » Sat Jan 11, 2014 5:37 am

Alright, so Pie and I are seriously into this game, and I honestly just don't see the excitement abating. As proof, I'll be releasing 4 in-depth posts about the things that I really enjoy about the game over the course of the week on the site! You can find the first post here and I will update this thread once the next 3 in-depth posts are made. The game is free, the monetization is fair and modest, the GM teams hold events in game, the servers have been running like champs, there is no region locking, and virtually everything is obtainable in game.

So my question to you, dear Aggroers is this! Do you enjoy:
1) Awesome Guild Times™
2) Finding great, new friends in an MMO
5) Playing co-op dungeon runs, chilling out doing whatever random fun thing we have in mind, and group PVP/dueling
7) Cohesive, tight-knit, thoughtful, silly and thought provoking friends in a warm guild atmosphere with laid back, passionate and skillful-yet modest friends
999) A Ragnarok Online (Gear upgrades, enhancements, character building), World of Warcraft (PVE dungeons, raids), Borderlands 2 (loot) style 3D action-ish MMORPG with a Tales of art-style vibe and Pokemon/Esper style Eidolon system sub game

Then you may want to know that I am leading a guild in game. Yup. I'm throwing my hat into running a guild again and I'll be putting out tendrils to recruit some of the awesome people I've met along the way in my MMO travels. You guys know who you are.

Anyone that was part of Fairy Tail in Ragnarok Online or Chromatic Shift in WoW will know what a great group we have, and I want to invite the awesome forum goers here to come join us too.

So! Here is what you need to know! Let us know you are interested on the forums here, then show up in game! We are on the Siren server, in Channel 5. The guild name is Dinosaurausum and you can find us in game under the following names:

Talimia (Me)
Celistis (Pie)
Tien or Furai (Harley - not on forum)
Navarro (Carlos / Luc of True Wind)
Lalastria (Kurtis / Ninja_moofin)
Bastette (Audrey - not on forum)

There are more guildmates in game and more to come, but this is pretty much our core group you should be able to get an invite from.

Additionally, we are on our vent server quite frequently.
Port: 3222
Pass: dr4gon

Come at us, guys! Even if you are on the fence about the game, the atmosphere we have cooking in game and in vent is feeling really great. Hope to see you there~
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Re: Aura Kingdom

Postby ThePaul » Sat Jan 11, 2014 3:55 pm

Ok, I'll check this out whenever my computer finishes downloading it.
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Re: Aura Kingdom

Postby Bear » Mon Jan 13, 2014 3:19 pm

It it probably worth mentioning that the servers have been having issues; between a late launch and periodic server issues that are effecting login servers for hours at a time, it may be best to wait until they've stabilized.

From what Aeria has said, Aura Kingdom has been one of their largest launches and it seems like the response has been overwhelming them; it's evident in game too, the amount of players has been pretty crazy. The game was running very, very well in all other phases, but after the open beta launched and old beta data was wiped, players must have just inundated them knowing that there would be no more wipes and it's pretty much launched.

I blame all those people hyping up the game so much. DAMN THEM. Why must they get excited and tell their friends about the game?!?!

... >_> ... <_< ....

Why are you looking at me that way? I didn't do anything o_o
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Arc Bishop  LV 149/120
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Re: Aura Kingdom

Postby RollCasket » Thu Jan 16, 2014 10:45 am

Made my duelist Cuttlefish, dunno how much I'd be able to play but seems cool

Late Edit: what's that locked class?
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Re: Aura Kingdom

Postby Librari » Wed Jan 22, 2014 2:35 am

I'm not sure if I want to try it... I've never been impressed much with Aeria in the past. But it sounds like this game is pretty good? /hmm

I guess the most important question for me to ask is, "But how are the wizards?"
I'm a wizard! :]
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Re: Aura Kingdom

Postby Ninja_moofin » Thu Jan 23, 2014 10:35 pm

I have been playing a Wizard as well in the game (IGN: Nanai) I am liking the Wizard a lot, we have a pretty good range of skills! Plus with the secondary class you can create pretty interesting combo's and from what i've seen we can be build in pretty much anyway and it will work so I am having a ton of fun personally as a Wizard!
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