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Dark Souls 2

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Re: Dark Souls 2

Postby ThePaul » Sat Mar 29, 2014 5:53 am

The other players kinda' makes me sad. There are blood stains EVERYWHERE. I know that probably means there are a lot of new Souls players out there, now, and that means they just gotta make Dark Souls III, but the way these folks be dying is kinda' depressing.

Edit: Ok, I've played a lot more of the game now. It is a lot easier for some one that has played Dark Souls or Demons Souls. Everything they've done to make it a bit less confusing for new players has made it so Vets can progress easily.

However, I also think that this game is a lot harder at the start of the game for someone that hasn't played either of the older games (which might explains why there are blood stains near any monster, NPC, or cliff edge). The bosses and monsters might bit a bit more forgiving, but they don't start you off with a whole lot.
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