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Alex got Megaman 5! (GB)

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Alex got Megaman 5! (GB)

Postby Pie » Sun Jun 01, 2014 2:22 pm

For those who don't know, Megaman 5 on gameboy is completely different than the Nes version; It has a whole different story with completely different bosses, etc. It is also the first of very rare appearances of Tango, Megman's feline animal companion. Bosses in the game follow a solar system theme with each of them representing planets.

If you're a big MM fan like me, you are probably familiar with or at least even heard of the manga "Megaman Megamix" by Hitoshi Ariga! I love his stuff! >.< He posted this video a while back (I think it might be him because the poster uses his name and avatar on youtube =x) I've never gotten to read the final half of his MM comics, but from what I've seen, it involves space and the space robot masters. XD I was really stocked when I first found the video, but then Alex recently getting MM5(GB) and me seeing the video later made me realize that it's probably briefly based on the the manga! =D The Wily, Cossack, and Light forces teaming up against the space robot masters!! XD so awesome!!

The video is pretty much the opening to NamcoXCapcom for the PS2, but redrawn to be themed to Hitoshi Ariga's comics! Enjoy!! XD

Here's the original if you want to compare. so awesome!! >.< Too bad it's sooo hard finding a good HD version of it. -_-
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Re: Alex got Megaman 5! (GB)

Postby Alexx » Mon Jun 02, 2014 9:28 am

Ah yes, the never ending promise of fine Mega Man related media!

But seriously, that's awesome! Can't believe they made it by replacing all the characters - I may be biased, but it looks WAY better with Mega Man characters (even Bass doesn't look out of place with all dat sass). I agree with the overall theme of it: Mega Man V had some really cool scenarios and an awesome idea for a final boss that is just RIPE for expansion in some other form of media. As I was going through it I was surprised by the different ideas that never made it beyond the hand-held. Out of all of them, I think V deserves a full on console remake. It does make sense for it to happen later in the timeline, since the video shows all the Robot Masters fighting against the Stardroids.

Anyway, thanks for sharing!
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