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LiA 83 - Apocalyptic Tatts

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LiA 83 - Apocalyptic Tatts

Postby RollCasket » Thu Nov 17, 2011 2:11 pm

Nocturne related comic with Jack Frost who is the mascot of the series.

I liked this comic a lot cause I have a lot of fond memories of Nocturne (not that it's really THAT old) and was really wowed by it right away. Lots of good music, some good difficulty with strategy needed on major battles, and a good story. I've been wanting to play this again for a while, whenever I get the time anyway lol.

Monsters learning new abilities though...I think I've had this happen on accident AND on purpose as I have forgotten they were full or hit ok on accident, on purpose cause I was hoping they got a good ability where instead they learned another garbage ability and forgot the only ok ability they had x.x I also enjoy the angry and mean main characters you two are portraying, it adds a different and funny feel to them.
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