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Questionable Guests

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Questionable Guests

Postby Bear » Thu Dec 15, 2011 4:58 pm

We might be having a string of spam bots registering to the forums; I'm not quite sure at the moment. We have been getting a number of registrations from Pakistan and India, which would normally lead me to believe that they are spam bots or are up to no good.

However, I let a few of them register because I think it would be unfair to exclude people solely based on how well they can speak English or what their country of origin is. I put people I am unsure about into a separate "Newbies" group which can post but not PM people. If the account remains inactive for more than 2 weeks, I will delete the users, since if they are going to just lurk, they don't need to register.

If they prove to be active members, they will get put into the normal "Citizen Aggro" group, which has regular permissions.

To those hailing from non English-speaking countries:
Please speak up and participate in the forums so we know who you are and so we can engage in conversation; we would love to hear from you.
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