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Paging Dr. Sigmund

june 15, 2010

Sorry for the lack of posting the last few days! We have been a little bit busy with chores/general life stuff and I particularly have been wrestling with a certain writers blockĒ that has been preventing a more fluid stream of content. Gaming can be one hell of a consumer of time if you let it! I really need to be more diligent about curbing my play time so we can produce at a quicker rate. As it stands Iím still screwing around with the script for the fourth comic, which by all means should have been done before the third was finished with production.

Pie on the other hand has been working rather hard on getting these comics done. She spends quite a long time on each one even though she tries to simplify things by using flat colors. For instance, she will add many small details to her pieces through shading and effects so that her art will pop, which ends up tacking on time. Currently, she is typically spending two days working on a single comic from drafting to color work. This would give her very little free time if we stick to the Monday/Wednesday/Friday schedule we had originally intended. Hopefully the more often she draws the faster she will become at it because she doesnít quite have the liberty to work 6 days a week.

Going back to that so-called writers block, I have certainly been enjoying it quite a bit. Blizzard makes one hell of a game and even though Iím a late bloomer to their magical world, Iím no less in awe of the environments and overall gameplay that they have created. In some ways, beginning so far into its development certainly helps make the game that much more enjoyable (thank god for mounts at 20 and epics at 40)! I feel that a significant amount of the player base must consider the game old hat by now but I feel wonderful that I am still exploring the original content and it is all fresh and new to me. My only regret is that I will miss having the opportunity to contrast every zone once the world gets torn a new one.

Lastly, I wanted to let you all know that we will be focusing on our Life in Aggro comic completely from here on (which is why there was no update on Friday). The reason being is that Pie and I have some great ideas for Chromatic Shift, but we have been having so much fun at making Life in Aggro that we decided to shift direction. We want Chromatic Shift to be well fleshed out and because it would likely take a lot longer for interest to be generated, we figure online may not be suitable. For the time being, I really hope you all enjoy Life in Aggro as we think it is very well suited for the webcomic format as it is much more digestible. We aim to make each on stand on its own so readers wonít have to follow it for long periods of time to be able to get the jokes of the current comic.

Thanks for being patient and please enjoy!


Pilgrim Punch!!

june 15, 2010

Well, E3's here and there's been some rather interesting surprises popping up, especially for the Wii in my opinion. XD One particular game that got me really excited was actually one for the PS3 network/Xbox live about a comic series known as "Scott Pilgrim": (enter subtitle). It looks like Ubisoft employed a popular sprite animatior/artist known on the net for doing animated shorts... unfortunately I completely forgot his name and all names of his projects, I think you'll probably be able to catch him if you go to AX though because he was there selling prints of self-made Persona 3 sprites last year =o. I don't have any official sources that states it's the guy, but it is evident in the animation, art style, and content. XD It's really exciting! >.<

I found out about Scott Pilgrim awhile back when the fifth book was just done printing. I had a photo the creator, Bryan Lee O'Malley, took of the first book shipment as my desktop background for the longest time to remind me of how wonderful it must feel to create and market a successful comic book series. I was meaning to check out the trailer to the movie my brother told me about called "Scott Pilgrim vs. the World" a few months ago, but it slipped my mind until recently when I discovered the game trailer a couple days ago. I looked it up and it blew my mind!! XD It looks so awesome; it's definitely one of the most interesting movie trailers I've seen in ages! =D It's actually the first movie I've actually WANTED and am hyped to see since... ...Coraline... okay... I guess it wasn't THAT long ago, but I'm way more hyped about this movie than Coraline and I swear it's been years or decades since before then. o_<

It's so inspiring to hear how an independent comic artist like Bryan Lee O'Malley can become so successful! His work kinda reminds me of Hitoshi Ariga (famous for doing some Rockman Manga XD). Both artists have become really big for doing what they like, doing comics, and have very distinct styles that they can call their own. =o I really respect them; I guess I can say they're kinda like my heroes. I so wish I could be successful like them and to be known for by my art. I was laying in bed last night thinking a lot about Life in Aggro, O'Malley's Scott Pilgrim and his success and contrasting it to my own life and what I've done with it. It's hard to believe O'Malley's almost 30... we're practically the same age and I don't have anything to show for it. I admit that I really think I fail a lot in life; I can never seem to follow things through, school, comics, etc. Sure my wish and dream is to create something that comes alive and is enjoyed and loved by others, but what do I do for it? I'm so disappointed in myself and I'm tired of failing; I want to feel like I've succeeded in accomplishing something. I've been working some really long hours on Life in Aggro and I think a large part of it is because of how much I want to make it work. I really hope I get faster so I can dish out more in less time.

Anyway, I hope you guys enjoy todayís comic! =D -Check out the movie trailer to "Scott Pilgrim vs the World" too! XD

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Paging Dr. Sigmund

june 15, 2010