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So the holiday season is upon us yet again. News reports abound at how the economy must be picking up because of increased sales from last year for “black Friday”. At least that is what I hear. Pie and I don’t have our usual satellite setup working right now so we’ve been sans TV for a while. Even if we did, the only news we would be watching is The Daily Show with John Stewart.

So, in the spirit of giving we figured we would do our best by giving out some sagely advice on how to deal with those pesky holiday shopping lines. We’ve all been there: in that packed electronics store in line with fellow buyers. We wade through a twisting maze of people while our minds wander on who knows what. So what better way to hasten the process then to use our incredible game and anime knowledge to our advantage?

In other news, Pie will be heading out of town to see her family this week, so the next comic MAY be late. We plan on getting to work on it later today or early tomorrow to try and make it despite her being MIA. Also, considering Cataclysm is coming out this week I had better hope I can maintain focus and not go splurging on game time like a kid in a candy store in the new zones.