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Today's comic is based on the amazingly awesome Zombies Ate My Neighbors. Developed by LucasArts and published by Konami, it was another one of the must have cult-classics on the SNES. It was rather challenging, lots of cool weapons, fun stages and a large set of your typical horror movie monsters in one awesome mash-up. Oh, and did I mention the whole soundtrack is just superb?!

Somewhat randomly and out of the blue, it seems we will be making a convention appearance in a couple weeks, on June 15th and 16th! If you are in Southern California, stop by and say hi at the Artist Alley at AM2. I don't know where our table is right now, but I'll post here once I know. Or just find us somehow. It will be like a game of hide and seek where we hide in a crowd of other artists and if you find us, you get a high-five. Or a hug. Or two if you backed our Kickstarter; cause then we owe you one.

So yeah, AM2!! One of my friends is a staff member and told us about this con, which I'm pretty happy to be going to since it has no entry cost to visitors. They have VIP passes to ensure access to certain events, but general admittance, dance, arcade, main events and the exhibit hall are all totally free. So yeah! Come check out my nervous attempt to be social since this will be my first time being at a table! It should be awesomely nerve-racking lol.

Pie and I have been quite busy trying to restore normalcy to our lives. I wanted to thank everyone who has been able to donate, make a purchase at our store or just spread the word; it really does help a lot. We still have a long way to go, but Pie and I are hopeful things will work out well. The comic this week was a great stress reliever since I was able to just have fun and write what was on my mind. That has always been one of the best things about working on the comic; it just fills our lives with a lot of joy and purpose.

Oh, and sorry if I gave the impression that Life in Aggro was in danger of stopping. There is nothing on this planet that could make us stop. It's like asking us to stop gaming. Our hearts are fully into it and we wouldn't give it up. It's not to say we don't still need help, as we still do need your support, but we wouldn't stop; though it might be bumpy at times as we shift around.

I'll be changing the top banner soon since it kinda gives that vibe (I only realized that after we made it and our heads were more clear). We are also having a sale on all prints for $8 right now and combo packs are 15% off, so don't forget to check out the store, in case you missed our announcements.

Thanks everyone and have a great week!

Heroes or Bust

june 2, 2012