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Faux Paw

may 3, 2013

Indie development has always excited me and if you've followed our comic and blog for a while, you will know that both Pie and I are huge fans of the indie gaming scene. There is something really special about a small group of developers making the games that matter to them that is both encouraging and inspiring. Seeing Indie Game: The Movie, The Story of Mojong and the Double Fine Adventure videos really light a fire under our butts to contribute in our own ways; it feel as if the torch of inspiration is being passed down and it is up to us to run the farthest we can with it.

When news broke about the developers of Legend of Dungeon, Robot Loves Kitty, going to extremes to make their dreams come true we couldn't help but want to do the same. It really is awesome to hear about creators that are in a relationship and are risking it all to make their dreams a reality together. Also, who wouldn't seriously want to live in a tree house as an adult?!

Getting hyped up about others' success always makes me want to switch things up and try out new ways of doing things. I distract easily at shiny objects and nothing can be as shiny as independent success. My typical knee-jerk reaction to imitate said success would probably end with a double barrel shotgun; alienation and failure filling the chambers. Insulation? Running water? Electricity?!? Yeah...I would plug my desktop into a tree stump and wonder for hours what the problem was. Oh failure, you'll never leave me, will you?

I figured now might be an opportune time to plug some indie games that look interesting that Pie and I would like to get one day:
Legend of Dungeon, Guacamelee, King Arthur's Gold, Machinarium, Ridiculous Fishing, A Virus Named Tom, Journey, Outland, PA: On the Rain Slick Precipice of Darkness 3

Some of the gems in our collection:
Noitu Love 2, Offspring Fling, Braid, Fez, Super Meat Boy, Sword and Sworcery, Bastion, Limbo, Terraria, Amnesia, Legend of Grimrock

And those in development that we are looking forward to:
Transistor, Broken Age, The Iconoclasts, Starbound, C Wars, Secrets of Grindea, Shovel Knight, The Witness

There are tons of great games being made out there from small independents, so let's try and support them as best we can so they can continue making more fun games for us to enjoy!

Faux Paw

may 3, 2013