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Pie and I, like so many of you, are playing Pokemon X and Y right now, well Y specifically since we only have one copy. Although we wanted to get into Black/White, we never had the cash to do so at the time of its release. Now that we were able to scrounge together some scratch for the current gen, we've been happily feeding our OCD tendencies to stockpile cute 'mons for our various pleasures.

We're really enjoying the online aspects of it; we were amazed to find out we could voice chat with friends while making trades online. Actually being able to battle people the world over is so refreshing since it's always been hard to find battle partners in old gen games when you live such a solitary life like us. A few of us on the forums have hooked up and traded a few around already, which was also quite fun. To actually see one another online in-game and instantly go back onto the forums and chat about our trades just adds to the allure of X/Y.

Sometimes the online features are really awkward though. Oh? Some passerby offered up this awesome French Dinoclier...let's see...the only spare I have is this...uh...Pikachu. couldn't possibly have him already, right...right? Yeah... Way to make me feel like a huge cheapskate, Pokemon. Now I've been spending a lot of time trying to go out and collect cool spares so I don't feel like a jerk to total strangers...

When We Touch, When We Kiss

october 26, 2013