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Roughly a year ago, I blogged about some indie games that Pie and I were interested in playing. On that list, sticking out like a cloth adorned gravestone, stood the critically acclaimed and incredibly successful Journey. One of our dear readers took it upon herself to immediately and swiftly remedy the injustice of us not having played such a wonderful game by gifting it to us!

When we got around to playing it, we were completely stunned with the luminescence that was somehow encoded onto our PS3, basking us in its warm glow. It was gripping and emotionally potent; at the end of it, we just sat in awe at just how powerful an experience we had just partook. There is a good reason that this game has gotten so much attention and we're happy to finally be able to do our little homage to it!

As I said last week, this will be a short story comic that will span the coming weeks. Pie and I are incredibly grateful of the generosity of our friends and readers who support us. As such, we hope to make this Journey tribute as entertaining to enjoy as it is for us to work on. Thanks again everyone!