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Ripe for Comedy

july 30, 2010

Brace yourselves for Squarebrella’s foray into zombie creation. It should be noted that the lines in panel 5 (Bear and Pie exchange) are ripped directly from the terrible translation of Resident Evil 1. I can’t even begin to tell you how funny it is to go back and hear the voice actors say those cheesy lines.

The comic was originally inspired directly after our Sonic comic was developed. It happened because of an after conversation that Pie and I had with each other because of her thoughts entry. We were discussing failed projects and how Square’s hope to revive the Secret of Mana/Seiken Densetsu project (known as the World of Mana Project) had utterly failed. I suppose I happened to have Resident Evil on the mind at the time and I felt the two would gel decently enough.

Just like Sonic, it was a case of a lot of ideas that just...well…flopped. It’s possible that the teams had good ideas but they were terrible executed – or perhaps they were just plain bad ideas. Either way, the Mana series has had a lot of misses in its career ever since the absolutely stunning Seiken Densetsu 3. I own and played the hell out of the Japanese version as it never saw release in the states (despite not being able to read a bit of it). It was SquareSofts biggest mistake – FOR NOT LOCALIZING IT. To this day I’m a little bitter it never made it to the US. (Not even as DLC Squeenix?!)

It really is a tough subject though. Creativity is an elusive creature – sometimes you feel like you have an endless well of ideas and inspiration and at other times you just feel tapped of the spark. When producing things, do you always take the popular road that will sell well but make no significant leap forward or do you make big gambles? The creators of all those failed Sonic and Mana games were trying different things which should be applauded. Sadly, they were terribly executed and now persist as stains on the history of video games. Gambling is a necessary evil for big success, so I guess we really can’t fault them for sticking their necks out there for us all to sharpen our axes on.

P.S. That THING is the Wood Spirit, Dryad...and nothing else... >_>


Dragon Music

july 30, 2010

Trying to decide on what music to listen to while working has kind of become an issue for me lately; it feels like I've listened to almost all of my favorite music to a point of... needing to take a break from them. >_> I use youtube nowadays as my music player; it's so great because it opens a whole world of possibilities of music to listen to that you don't necessarily have to own. I wonder though if this is morally right because isn't it kind of the same as being a "pirate?" o_<

Anyhow I recently started listening to the soundtrack to Dreamwork's movie "How to Train Your Dragon" because I really like that composer's work in animated films. I'm rather interested in seeing the movie now. I didn't care to see the movie when it was in theaters because the commercials made the movie look like it was all comedy slapstick with a pokemonesque theme, but from what I've heard and seen recently, it seems like it has some potential to be touching. I've even read and heard from people that it's kind of sad at parts. Too bad the DVD doesn't get released until October, I think it's strange that the movie is coming out so late after the theatrical release considering it was in theaters in March; I thought movies had really quick turn around time nowadays. '_' I don't know if we'll ever get the movie, but at least there'll be a POSIBILITY that I'll see it one day. XD

This rant is totally unrelated to the comic, huh? ^^;

Ripe for Comedy

july 30, 2010

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